Werner’s Vleismark owes its origins to a love of meat, community and family values. Owner Wimpie Steyn loved farm life and as all “plaasseuns” do, grew up understanding animals, the land and of course, meat.

Wimpie originally cut his canines during a prolonged stint at Groenland Meat Traders & Abattoir in Grabouw. In 2004 he started a successful meat wholesaler in Strand. However selling directly to the public was something that always interested Mr. Steyn. Mr Steyn found himself fascinated by the finer features of quality meat and soon enough set out to transform his culinary devotion into a business. He bought the original Werner’s Vleismark (Kleinmond) in 2009 from then owner Werner van der Bergh and in time introduced not only a warm, friendly and reliable family butchery, but also exciting new product ranges.

The speciality aspect of the business started building exceptional momentum as clientele started becoming accustomed to the wider range of products. Word of Werner’s Vleismark spread to the Helderberg region, where the Steyns had since made a home in the heart of Somerset West… In January 2019 Werner’s Vleismark, Strand opened its doors to the public. We hit the ground running and slowly but surely started making a name for ourselves on the back of the principles that served our Kleinmond branch so well up until now.

We are proud to be part of the Helderberg business community and will strive to deliver the same quality service and products as always.